10 Really Useful Websites for Students

10 Really Useful Websites for Students

10 Really Useful Websites for Students

University can be stressful. Trust us, we’ve been there. But adapting to uni life is a lot easier if you know where to look for help with budgeting, mental health support, and Harvard referencing…

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Being a student can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot to deal with. Making new friends, finding your way around Turnitin, and avoiding basic money mistakes… the struggle is real.

Try not to get too bogged down in the details though. After all, the university is what you make of it. If you know where to go to get cheap food, help with essays, and career support, you can’t go too far wrong – and that’s where these websites come in!

Best websites for university students

Here are the best and most useful websites for students:

1. Approved Food

approved foods logo

Best for Cheap food

Approved Food is an online food retailer stocking products that are nearly (or already) past their best before date, but are still perfectly edible. Great for cheap dinners and healthy meals on a budget.

2. camelcamelcamel

camelcamelcamel logo

Best for Amazon price tracking

This Amazon price tracker is essential for buying electronics and books online. camelcamelcamel is one of our top Amazon hacks, as it monitors products on the site and alerts you when prices drop to help you get the best deal.

3. Cite This For Me

citethisforme logo

Best for Harvard referencing

Imagine if there was a Harvard referencing website that could do your bibliography for you? Well, there is (almost), and it’s undoubtedly one of the most useful websites for students!

Simply enter your source into Cite This For Me then copy and paste the end product. You’re welcome.

4. Citizens Advice Bureau

citizens advice bureau logo

Best for Legal advice

Is your landlord trying to avoid giving you your deposit back?

With a helpline and offices located all around the country, the Citizens Advice Bureau is a great port of call for any legal issues that may occur during your time at university – regardless of whether or not concerns are related to accommodation, or finance, or your consumer rights.

5. Cold Turkey

cold turkey logo

Best for: Staying off social media

Cold Turkey isn’t strictly a website, but it’ll certainly help you make better use of the other sites on this list.

Download the application and it’ll block you from accessing any websites you’re keen to avoid while you’re trying to work – perfect if you want to be more productive or if you need to write an essay in a day…

6. Diversifying

diversifying logo

Best for: Jobs for students from ethnic minority backgrounds

Diversifying is a search engine which includes job listings from companies that are keen to recruit people of different backgrounds and abilities.

It’s not as extensive as other popular search engines, but it has some interesting listings from the charity sector and public organizations.

7. Edx

edx online courses logo

Best for Online courses

EdX is an enormous open online course provider, including some of which are completely free of charge. It hosts courses on an array of disciplines at the university level – great for learning new skills to add to your CV!

8. Ethical Superstore

ethical superstore logo

Best for: Environmentally friendly household products and food

This is a great option for topping up on household essentials like loo roll, laundry detergent, and binbags.

The Ethical Superstore is basically an eco-friendly online-only Tesco, and carries food, drink, health and beauty products, and even clothes, just like a regular supermarket. Perfect if you’re trying to use less plastic without changing your whole lifestyle.

9. Freecycle

freecycle logo

Best for Free furniture

Looking for furniture for your uni room? Freecycle is filled with people advertising household items and old furniture they no longer use but don’t want to see thrown into a landfill. And, you guessed it, all for free!

10. Google Scholar

google scholar logo

Best for Academic texts

Google Scholar is a search engine for academic texts across a wide variety of topics. Some texts are included in their entirety and some are just partially included (especially books), but it’s a great website for making your bibliography better.

Courtesy / Credit: Save the Student

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