20 Fun Activities to do for Under £20

20 Fun Activities to do for Under £20

20 Fun Activities to do for Under £20

Need a break from those long shifts in the library? Organizing a fun activity for you and your friends doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s some inspiration…

Uni can get a bit repetitive at times. You go to lectures, you study in the library and you go on nights out every weekend – or something along those lines, anyway.

It involves a bit of effort and organization, but why not use your weekends to get your friends together and do something a bit different?

Everything in the list below will only set you back £20 or less and will leave you with some amazing memories to take away from uni. After all, when else are you going to go to a roller disco or try a life drawing class?

20 cheap activities for students

Here are some of the best cheap things to do with friends:

Escape rooms – Solve puzzles, and riddles and try not to fall out with your mates as you attempt to unlock the door and escape the room within (usually) an hour. Escape rooms are so much fun, and the more people you get involved with, the cheaper they usually are – expect to pay between £15 – £20 per person.

Go-karting – We all know that affording your own car at uni can be seriously expensive, so go-karting can be a great way to brush up your driving skills (or take your Mario Kart prowess onto the track). Websites like Groupon and Wowcher often have deals where you can get tickets for under £20.

Wall climbing – Test your core strength by trying out some indoor wall climbing. If you’re a newbie you’ll have to pay for a taster session with an instructor (usually £15 – £20) and you might have to pay a little extra to hire shoes and harnesses. Use the UK Climbing Directory to find your nearest wall.

Hit the beach – This one is location-dependent but, if you’re able to, heading to the beach can be a great way to brush off those cobwebs after a long semester. Waste pennies in Brighton’s arcades, eat fish and chips on Whitby’s seafront, or climb to the top of the Blackpool Tower for stunning views.

Stand-up comedy – When you think of stand-up comedy, you might think of expensive sell-out arena tours. But there’s a whole world of brilliant comedy out there, most of it super cheap (and sometimes free!). Google stand-up comedy in your area to find smaller comedy clubs – you never know, you might get to see the next big comedian before they get famous!

Brewery/winery tour – There’s some pretty interesting science behind how wine and beer are made. Brewery tours are really fun and often involve the chance to taste some beers too. It’s worth shopping around for cheap deals near you, but tours at the National Brewery Centre (just north of Birmingham) start at just over £10 per person. And, of course, a winery tour’s a great option if you’re not a fan of beer.

Bowling – Relive your 10th birthday party and head to a bowling alley for a bit of competitive fun. Games with Hollywood Bowl usually cost around £10 per person (price varies depending on location), but more upmarket bowling alleys are on the rise if you want something a bit fancier. Slots in the morning are the cheapest, with the prices going up the later you book.

Paintballing – This is a uni favorite, and companies are always looking to flog discounts to students (keep an eye out on campus and at freshers’ fairs for stands offering discounts). Virgin Experience Days offer full-day entry, equipment hire, and four different paintball games for around £12.50 per person.

River cruise – If you live anywhere near a large river, there’s guaranteed to be the opportunity to go on a good old-fashioned river cruise. In Newcastle, for example, you can get from quay to sea for £15, and in London, you can hop on a Thames River Cruise for around £15. If you’re more of a night owl, look out for party cruises too. 

Golf driving range – Are you a fan of golf, but not the walking? If so, a golf driving range is a perfect way to practice your shot. Bear in mind that some venues might charge extra on top of the cost of golf balls to hire a bay and club too. But, overall, you shouldn’t expect to pay much more than £10 – £15. Golf Range Finder is a good way to find a driving range close to you. 

Cocktail class – Ok, so this one isn’t under £20, strictly speaking. But if you’re willing to splash out an extra fiver, you can bag yourself a cocktail-making masterclass at All Bar One. You’ll be given your own mixologist who’ll help you to rustle up your favorite drinks (although we’re sure you won’t need any help drinking them). Alternatively, organize your own cocktail-making session at home using our easy cocktail recipes. 

Roller discos – They were acceptable in the 80s and they’re still acceptable now (believe us). A roller disco is a great alternative to your usual night out, although expect a lot of bruises along with the hangover. They often cost around £10 per person – have a look online to find ones near you.

Hiking – Hiking is a lot more fun when you’re not getting dragged around by your parents on a drizzly day. Wait until the sun is shining, grab your boots, and get out into the countryside. Even if you’re a city dweller, a quick train or bus ride should be enough to get out into the sticks. Make sure to research local hiking trails before you set off, take a map, and stock up on some provisions.

Pub quiz – Is there anything more British than heading to the pub for a few pints while attempting to answer tricky general knowledge questions in a bid to win yet more pints? Pub quizzes are everywhere (have a quick Google or keep your eyes peeled for posters), and they’re a super easy (and cheap) way to get a few mates together for a bit of fun after uni. Plus, they just so happen to be on our university bucket list…

Cheese tasting – Probably the first lesson you learned when you arrived at uni is that cheese is expensive. And fancy cheese even more so. But if you want to treat yourself, then a cheese-tasting experience is a good way of getting your fill. We’ve seen wine and cheese tasting experiences for two that work out at around £20 per person on Wowcher.

Bike ride – If you want to get out into the countryside, but walking isn’t really your thing, grab a bike instead. If you don’t have your own, research bike hire in your local area. There are plenty of ways to cycle cheaply!

Afternoon tea – You might think afternoon tea is more up your grandma’s street, but who could turn down sandwiches, scones, and unlimited cups of tea? They can get pretty expensive, but shop around and you can get some pretty good deals. Search here for afternoon teas up and down the country, some for as little as £10 per person. 

Karaoke – This is ideal for a night out. Places like Lucky Voice have karaoke booths in a few different locations, and prices start at around £6 per person (depending on the day, time, and location). Time to release your shower singing voice to the world… 

Museums – This is a bit of a broad one because museums can vary hugely (some are amazing, some are pretty dull). But have a look at what museums are near you or in surrounding cities, and if any take your fancy they make for a great (often free!) day out. Museums.co.uk has a huge catalog of museums in the country – have a browse.

Laser Quest – If you like the idea of paintballing but not the bruises that come with it, Laser Quest could be right up your street. Split into teams and run around shooting your mates with your laser gun – it’s a great adrenaline rush. Laser Quest GB has locations across the country, and you can normally get two games for about £10 per person.

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