Advantages of Going to University – 2022

Advantages of Going to University – 2022

Advantages of Going to University – 2022

These are the reasons why going to university is worth it:

1. Graduates earn more money

“If you go to uni, you’ll get a higher-paying job”. It’s something we’ve all heard – so often, in fact, that you may even be wondering if it’s an urban myth. The good news for students and graduates is that getting a degree usually does lead to a bigger pay cheque. Studies, including this research by HESA (the Higher Education Statistics Agency) and the University of Warwick, have found that graduates have a higher average salary than those who didn’t go to uni.

2. University improves your job prospects

The 2008 financial crash. Brexit. Coronavirus. Students and graduates seeking work in the 21st Century have hardly been dealt the kindest of hands. Finding a decent job is arguably harder than ever. One thing you can do to stand out from the competition is to get a degree. Of course, some jobs absolutely require you to have a degree, like becoming a doctor. Even some of these unusual degrees are very useful for getting a job in the relevant field. But what you may not know is that many non-specialist jobs ask that you’ve been to uni, too.

3. Opportunity to make professional connections

our university lecturers won’t just be good teachers (hopefully). In many cases, they’ll also be respected names in their fields with great connections in the industry you’re aiming for. Your lecturers should be happy to give you some career guidance. They could even put you in touch with other experienced people who can give you a few pointers. Just show some passion and flair for whatever subject it is that you’re studying (and some good manners, of course). You’ll be surprised at just how many people are willing to help you.

4. You’ll develop transferrable skills

Professional connections are useful if you know what job you want to do after uni, but what if you’re still unsure? Don’t panic. You’ll have picked up loads of transferrable skills as a student. A degree is undoubtedly an impressive addition to your CV. But, employers also want you to have other skills like responsibility, organization, and motivation. These are all transferrable skills that are useful no matter what career you end up pursuing. Given the focus on independent learning at uni, you’ll almost certainly develop them during your degree.

5. You’ll make new friends at university

University isn’t all about the job prospects. It’s also an opportunity to meet new people. For some of you, the idea of having to make friends at uni will fill you with dread, and we totally get that. But trust us when we say that it’s nowhere near as bad as you’re imagining. Remember that pretty much everybody else is as nervous about meeting new people as you are. They’ll almost certainly be grateful if you make the effort to break the ice. Your university will be home to thousands, if not tens of thousands, of students. Statistically, there must be people there who you’ll get along with! Here’s how one reader explained why they think university is worth it:

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