Are you wearing your face mask the correct way!

Are you wearing your face mask the correct way!

Are you wearing your disposable mask the correct way? Because a lot of misinformation has been doing the rounds on social media about the right way to wear disposable or medical face masks. While experts have said that the claims are false, the post has, however, been shared hundreds of times by users.

Health experts have time and again stressed that the only correct way to wear a disposable mask is with the colored (waterproof) side visible and the side (the softer side with the absorbent filter) turned towards the wearer’s face.

You got to wear it like this; the blue on the outside, the white on the inside,” Dr. Seto said.

How to wear a disposable/surgical mask:

> Disinfect hands before touching the mask.

> The absorbent side should be facing inwards.

> The metallic strip should be at the top of the mask over nose bridge.

> Place the elastic bands around your ears.

> Ensure the mask fully covers your mouth, nose, and chin.

> Do not touch the front of the mask once you put it on. If you do, disinfect or wash your hands afterwards.

> Discard masks immediately after use, disposable or medical masks are for single use only.

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