Fascinating Facts of Maria Sharapova which make her Legend!

Fascinating Facts of Maria Sharapova which make her Legend!

Maria Sharapova is also known by the nickname of “Masha.”The nickname is composed of the first two letters of her first name and the first three letters of her surname. The five letters together make her nickname “Masha.”In Russia, she is called “our Masha,” an endearment.

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Struggling Days

When Maria’s parents switched cities, they did odd jobs to provide good opportunities for their only child. Her father worked in restaurants and even in oil fields. The couple saved money for four years in Nyagan and when Sharapova was two years old, they moved to Sochi, which is a resort town in the south of Russia.

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Sharapova’s First Tennis Racquet

It was in Sochi where Sharapova’s father became friends with Aleksandr Kafelnikov, whose son Yevgeny was the first Russian to become world No. 1 in tennis. Aleksandr gave Maria her first tennis racquet when she was only four years old and from that day her love for tennis started growing.

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A Quick Learner

Maria proved to be a quick learner, as she was doing well with her gift racquet. When she was only six, Sharapova with her parents traveled to Moscow to attend a Youth Tennis Clinic to polish her skills.

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First Spotted By Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova

Maria’s tennis skills were first recognized by tennis legend Martina Navratilova in the tennis workshop in Moscow when Sharapova was six years old. Navratilova recommended that Sharapova’s father send his daughter to Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida so that she could be trained and get professional tennis lessons.

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Separation From Mother

The family decided to take Maria Sharapova to Florida and try to get her enrolled there. However, only she and her father were allowed a U.S. visa. Her mother had to wait for approval, so Yelena stayed in Sochi and waited to get the visa application approved. After a delay of two years, Yelena was allowed a visa and Maria was reunited with her mother.

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