Five Addictive Facts About Alexandra Daddario

Five Addictive Facts About Alexandra Daddario

You’ve seen Alexandra Daddario policing the beaches of Florida in Baywatch, bravely facing a massive earthquake in San Andreas, and enjoying the holiday of a lifetime with Kate Upton in the road-trip comedy The Layover. But if you still can’t get enough of the blue-eyed bombshell, here are 24 amazing facts about the actress: 

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario: 05 Addictive Facts

1. Who is Alexandra Daddario? 

American actress Alexandra Daddario began her career as Laurie Lewis in the TV soap opera All My Children. She also portrayed Annabeth in the Percy Jackson film series. She has had starring roles in the feature films San Andreas and Baywatch. 

After getting her big break with a key role in the Percy Jackson film franchise, Daddario would go on to star in other major tentpole projects including Texas Chainsaw 3D, Hall Pass, and guest-starred on Series including White Collar, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. True Detective, and American Horror Story: Hotel. 

She also served as the executive producer and star of the movie Can You Keep a Secret?

2. She thought dating Zac Efron would help her self esteem: 

Often when you’re in a movie with a handsome co-star like Zac Efron, everyone suddenly assumes you’re dating, but the actress is too humble for that, saying: 

It’s only happened a couple of times, but it happens. The fact that people think that I can get someone as hot as Zac Efron, it’s cool, I feel like I’m getting back at all the boys in high school that wouldn’t date me.

3. The actress had a funny Uber driver story: 

Alexandra Daddario shared a series of tweets from a hilarious saga with her Uber driver.  

She hailed a cab to take her to the airport and after drop off,  the 32-year-old actress received an email from the ride-share service saying that her driver found one of her items in his vehicle. Worried she texted her Uber driver saying, “Hi, This is your Uber rider you took to JFK so kindly. What did I leave in the vehicle?”. The driver responded, “Hey Alex. I think you left your pet squirrel in my car.” 

4. Watch her horror movie on Halloween that she produced:

Alexandra Daddario is one of the lead actresses in the horror-comedy We Summon the Darkness, in which she acts as both producer and castmate to Johnny Knoxville (Action Point), Maddie Hasson (Impulse), and Logan Miller (Escape Room). The horror film is based on a group of friends who are heading to a heavy metal concert in the Midwest. Along the way, they meet a trio of seemingly fun-loving guys and eventually go to a secluded country home for what seems to be an exciting after-party. Soon it takes a dark, deadly turn. 

In signing on for this project, Daddario found her second project getting to act as producer, having made her debut in the behind-the-scenes role as executive producer on the 2019 romantic comedy Can You Keep a Secret?, and described taking on a producer role for Darkness as “way too much responsibility,” followed by laughter and describing it as a “great” experience.

5. Speaking of horror-movies, she finds a real connection with them: 

We Summon the Darkness marks Daddario’s sixth venture into the horror genre, with various projects including American Horror Story: Hotel, Texas Chainsaw 3D and We Have Always Lived in This Castle, and she describes her interest in this particular field because “it’s really fun.”

“You get to really let loose, and also, I find that I like comedies, but horror-comedy speaks to me,” Daddario said. “Then horror, I think, a lot of these films are a metaphor for something deeper, so you can actually have a lot to explore there. And I like the elevated level of an absurd world, and that’s definitely all in this script.”

“There are some things you expect, but most of the big things you don’t expect,” Daddario said. “That’s what makes it really fun, and I thought that it was done really well in a way that wasn’t super cliché. I think that’s why people are responding to it.”

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