Five Things You Need To Do Before You Graduate

Five Things You Need To Do Before You Graduate

Five Things You Need To Do Before You Graduate

When you’ve finished your exams and got your results, there’s nothing left to do, right? Well, not quite. There are still some important tasks – but with these tips, they’ll be easy.

With exams and deadlines well and truly over, it can be tempting to spend the last few weeks before graduation lying around watching Netflix and taking a few (well, many) naps.

By all means, treat yourself to some time off – you definitely deserve it. But, ahead of becoming an official graduate, you’ll also need to spend the odd day here and there doing some essential tasks.

We’ve put together this handy checklist so you can plan your last few weeks of student life, and make some extra money in the process.

Important things to do before you leave university

Before you graduate, make sure you do the following things:

1. Get free careers advice

In a few weeks, you’ll likely be super grateful for the free careers advice you’ve had on hand at uni. If you’ve underused your careers advice center throughout your degree, now’s the time to make up for it – it’s covered by all that money you’ve spent on tuition fees, after all. They’ll be able to review your CV for you and make sure it’s all up to scratch, and they might even be able to provide a mock interview if you’re worried your interview skills are a bit rusty. If you don’t already have a graduate scheme or job lined up, we can guarantee that going along for an appointment will leave you feeling much more confident about your future. Plus, if you get a good job after graduation, it makes your university look good, so they’ll be extra keen to help you out.

2. Use the library and free software at your university

Let’s face it: you’re probably pretty excited to get a shot out of the library. But believe us, unlimited free access to all those niche books is something you’ll miss once you’ve graduated.

Now you’ve got some free time on your hands, why not take out some books you never got a chance to read while you were occupied with your course?

There may be a fiction or autobiography section for some more lighthearted reading – so if you’ve been stuck in the Geography section all year, have a wander around the rest of the library and see what takes your fancy.

Don’t forget that uni computers might have software available for free that you won’t find anywhere else. Maybe use the opportunity to dabble in a bit of Photoshop or try your hand at video editing.

3. Pay your library fines

This one might not be the most fun of tasks, but it’s arguably one of the most important things on this list – some unis may even stop you from graduating unless you’ve paid off all your library fines. Yikes.

While there are plenty of ways to avoid getting a library fine, if you do receive one, you can’t avoid paying it. Your library fines aren’t going anywhere – plus, the longer you leave it, the more they’ll stack up.

4. Sell your university course textbooks

If you’ve had to splash out a bit to cover your library fines, here’s your chance to make some money back.

You’re not likely to need your course books again, so rather than drag them all back home with you in the car, why not sell them on?

There are loads of websites and apps that will let you sell your old books online, or you can use Facebook groups to sell them to students in the year below who are preparing for their year ahead.

All the money you make can even be a bonus bit of extra cash to spend on a cheap summer holiday.

5. Sell your old belongings

Speaking of selling things, have you ever tried flogging your old belongings online?

It’s crazy how much stuff you can accumulate over the few years you’re at uni, so if you don’t fancy hiring a van to transport it all back home, selling some of it is a great shout – it’s such an easy way to make money. You could sell clothes, books, and even old loo roll (yes, really) – the list goes on.

eBay and Amazon are great for auctioning off pretty much anything, but apps like Depop make selling your old clothes online so easy. We’ve got plenty more ideas of things you can make money from. Check out this list of things you can sell online.

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