Five Ways to Make Money from Watching Videos

Five Ways to Make Money from Watching Videos

If you ever find yourself wishing you could get paid to watch videos online, we’ve got some very good news – you can. Here’s how.

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Making money from watching videos is a lot easier than you might think. As you likely watch films and ads online in your spare time already, it’s such a simple way to earn extra money.

It’s a great way to make money alongside similar ventures like starting a YouTube channel. Plus, doing video-related work experience could boost your CV. So, if you’re hoping to get a job in film, TV or digital media, it’s ideal.

There are loads of ways to watch videos for money, and we’ll go through the best options here.

How to get paid to watch videos

Here are the best ways to watch videos and earn money:

1. Watch videos for money on Swagbucks

If you haven’t already, signing up to Swagbucks is a great way to start making money from quick and easy tasks. You can earn rewards for watching videos, surfing the web and doing paid online surveys.

The types of videos you’ll watch on Swagbucks could include ads, news content and viral videos.

By watching videos on the site, you might not earn huge amounts of money or ‘Swagbuck points’ (a.k.a. SB), but as it’s such easy money, it’s worth trying.

Plus, when you use Swagbucks on top of the other suggestions in this list, your earnings will soon add up.

2. Make money watching videos on InboxPounds

InboxPounds works in a similar way to Swagbucks. It lets you earn cash for super simple things like watching videos and taking surveys.

Again, you might not make big money on here, but the more tasks you do beyond watching videos, the more money you can make.

Even reading InboxPounds’ deals emails, or searching the internet on their search page, can earn you cash.

3. Watch video ads on WeAre8 for earnings or charity

Hoping to watch ads for money and make a positive impact? WeAre8 could be the app for you.

Like some of the others on this list, WeAre8 is an app that lets you earn cash from watching videos. But, it has a slight difference. As well as making money to boost your bank balance, you also have the chance to contribute to charity.

After you watch ads on this platform, you’re asked to answer a few quick questions and you can earn 10p – 20p per video.

Once you’ve reached the minimum payout amount (£1) from watching brand video adverts, there are three ways that you could have the money paid out:

  • It could be paid into your PayPal account
  • It could auto-pay your EE mobile bill
  • Or you could pay it forward to a charity of your choice.

An added (and rather lovely) bonus is that each time you watch a video on the app, brands make a charity donation too.

4. Make money watching videos on PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a site that lets you earn money watching videos – something that requires so little work it’s almost free money.

You can request the money you’ve earned through the site as PayPal money or as gift cards. When withdrawing the money via PayPal, there’s a minimum payout of $5 (about £4).

If you’re redeeming your points for a voucher, you may find the minimum payout is lower than it is when using PayPal. For example, you might be able to use your points to claim an Amazon voucher worth $2 (about £1.65).

When you redeem the points you’ve earned through the site, your money/gift cards will be processed and sent to you within 24 hours.

As well as watching videos, you can also answer paid online surveys and refer friends to PrizeRebel to boost your earnings.

And on PrizeRebel’s social media pages, they often share opportunities to get bonus points.

5. Make money from film and TV reviews

Hoping to make a living from watching videos? Becoming a film or TV reviewer is one of the best, most established ways of doing so.

It’s by no means easy to reach the point of writing about videos as a full-time job. But, with hard work, dedication and strong writing skills, you can do it.

Film and TV criticism are very competitive lines of work. So particularly if you’re thinking about writing on a freelance basis, you’ll need to start off by charging lower rates to reflect your level of experience.

But remember, you deserve to get paid for your writing. You shouldn’t have to accept payments that are lower than you think is fair, just because you’re starting out.

To prepare for a full-time job as a film or TV critic, it’s worth looking into internships to boost your CV. Unfortunately, not all journalism internships pay well (or at all, in some cases). For help with accommodation in London during internships, check out PressPad.

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