Fragile Liberalism

Fragile Liberalism

Francis Fukuyama­, in his piece of writing ‘End of History’, was wrong,  while propounding ‘Western Liberalism’ as an ultimate form of human civilization and his struggle towards democracy and liberalism.  After the fall of the USSR, the USA & its western allies-so called beacon of democracy & liberal values- burying their heads in sand started considering their values of democracy & liberalism as an ultimate solution for war-torn & poverty-stricken third world countries and equating the rest of the world as west-versus-rest.

Fragile foundations of liberalism dig their own grave and prove fatal for its future imperialistic version of –so-called- utopian world. Dust from Brexit is settling the economic downturn in England and Pound is stumbling to revive its hegemony. A wave of extremism, hatred and xenophobic attitude of Western nationalists is tantamount to the end of liberalism and the revival of nationalism. Frustration in western rightists is amplified by rising economic inequality, global downturn, and stagnant wages, while wealth is massing in London, Washington, and Brussels. The increasing popularity of politicians like Donald Trump in the West is equivalent to the failure of liberalism, openness, and victory of nationalism and the death of Adams Smith’s ‘Laissez-Faire Economy’…..

The anti-liberal moment - Vox

Courtesy/Credit: Mudasir Rasool

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