Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

It is a good democratic sign that people have Freedom of Speech in society. Because if people are not free to speak or write on any issue freely then that society can’t flourish. Because people of this society are not satisfied with society rules and they feel fear from rulers for speaking truth. So, people don’t take their steps to involve in healthy and justly activities in society for justice.

That’s why societies where people are free to speak truth and support justice, they are developed societies and people of these societies are well aware of current affairs and theyhave courage to speak truth and support justice. But societies where people have no freedom to speak truth , they can’t flourish and people of these societies have no courage to help or support truth or justice.

But freedom of speech have limitations and  rules. According to which no one can  hurt others beliefs on the name of just freedom of speech. Now on the name of Freedom of Speech, So called developed and civilized nations Europeans created cartoons of  “Holy Prophet (PBUH)” which hurts round about more than 1 billion Muslims in all over the world.So, it is against to their own rules. Due to which Billions of Muslims hurt and they protest against it . Because it is belief of every Muslim that no one take place of “Holy Prophet (PBUH)” and no one can create picture or photo of “Holy Prophet(PBUH)”.

So, if any one make picture of “Holy Prophet (PBUH)” either on the name of so called freedom of speech . Then it hurts belief of billions of Muslims and then they may take strict action against it . When Muslims protest against it , then so called Civilized people of Europe and their allies make statement that Muslims are against freedom of speech and they are extremist.

But they should have to admit that they first take action which hurts Muslims and they protest against it which is their basic right in civilized societies. It is a rule that every action have a reaction. So, if anyone want to stop reaction, he or she should have to stop action which stops reaction. So, if Europeans are not happy with protests of Muslims which is reaction on their action, they should have to stop their actions and activities against Muslims.

It is a time of need that international organizations like United Nations should have to make rule that no one can hurt beliefs of anyone on the name of freedom of speech. Specially like Holocaust it also makes  rule that no one can make picture or cartoon of “Holy Prophet (PBUH)” and if any one tries to make picture of “Holy Prophet (PBUH)” , he should be punished according to law.

Courtesy / Credit: Mudasir Rasool

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