Future of Pakistan

Future of Pakistan

“Future of Pakistan is very bright and till coming December Pakistan would have enough electricity that Pakistan would export electricity to the world ” these words were told by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. But he does not know that the real future of Pakistan is on the road.

Last time, when I was coming back from my university I saw a child cleaning the front glass of a car near a traffic signal. And after that when he cleaned it, a man sitting in the car gave him one or two rupees. I think that this man sitting in the car should be punished because this is a man who is supporting this illegal activity.

I request to the Chief justice of Pakistan that he should take this problem of Pakistan under his discussion. Because these children are a real bright future for Pakistan. I also request to the chief justice of Pakistan he should take action against this “MAFIA” which is using these little children for its purpose

Courtesy / Credit: MudasirRasool

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