Highest-paid graduate jobs in the UK 2022

Highest-paid graduate jobs in the UK 2022

Highest-paid graduate jobs in the UK 2022

Looking to earn the big bucks straight out of university? The best-paid graduate jobs have now been revealed!

Whether you’ve recently graduated or you’re still a student, the stress of getting a job after uni is something that dogs us all.

While many people choose a career path for the work, skills, and opportunities it will give them, the salary can never be totally ignored. And for many of you, it may be number one on your list of priorities.

So, as it seems like all of us are always thinking about life after uni, what are this year’s best-paid graduate jobs?

Highest-paying graduate jobs in the UK

The research was carried out by the job site Indeed, as they sought to discover the UK’s highest-paid graduate jobs for anyone entering work straight out of university.

Here are the top 8 highest-paid graduate jobs in the UK in 2022:

  1. Product Manager – £51,631
  2. Investment Consultant – £45,163
  3. Trainee Solicitor – £43,907
  4. Petroleum Engineer – £38,239
  5. Trainee Accountant – £35,010
  6. Graduate Sales Engineer – £34,576
  7. Analyst – £33,484
  8. Trainee recruitment – £26,449.

Comfortably top of the list of the best-paid graduate jobs is Product Manager. As a Product Manager, you’ll be responsible for the development of products for a company. This includes crowdsourcing and developing and curating ideas.

This job does give you a lot of responsibility, especially if you’re fresh out of university. So it’s no surprise you’ll be compensated for that with a very comfortable salary.

It’s also clear that anyone good with numbers could be in for a well-paid graduate job, with Investment Consultant and Trainee Accountant taking a spot on this list.

Finding work as a graduate

The mere thought of finding a job post-university can be a massive source of stress for students. There’s a fair chance you have been thinking about it ever since your first year at uni (if not even earlier).

And while it can be totally overwhelming, it’s promising to see such a range of jobs on the highest salaries list. Especially since they’re all open to graduates.

But this isn’t your only option when it comes to surviving life after uni. There are tons of alternatives, including:

  • Start your own business
  • Go traveling on a gap year
  • Study for a master’s.

The options are unlimited! And you could end up just as successful as the more traditional routes – if not even more so.

Courtesy / Credit: Save the Student

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