How much does university cost in the UK?

How much does university cost in the UK?

How much does university cost in the UK?

The cost of university in the UK is something that worries students and parents alike. But, how much does uni actually cost, and do you have to pay for it upfront? Allow us to explain.

Giving an exact figure for how much it costs to go to university is difficult. There are so many variables that affect the final total. But, using official data and the findings from our very own National Student Money Survey (NSMS), we can give a rough cost of about £57,000.

How much are tuition fees in 2021/22?

Students fromStudying in EnglandStudying in ScotlandStudying in WalesStudying in N Ireland
Northern Ireland£9,250£9,250£9,000£4,395
Republic of Ireland£9,250Free£9,000£4,395

Living costs at university

The media seems intent on focusing on the price of tuition. But, living costs are arguably the real financial concern for most students in the UK. And, as we explained earlier, it’s almost impossible to give an accurate figure for how much it’ll cost you.

That said, we’re able to make a reasonable estimate based on where you’ll be studying.

Every year, thousands of students take part in our National Student Money Survey. As part of the survey, we ask students to tell us how much they spend each month. From this, we’re able to give you a breakdown of how much you’re likely to spend each month at uni.

How much do you actually pay for university?

The numbers we’ve outlined are big, there’s no denying that. But, when it comes to Student Finance, remember that the cost of university is not the same as what you pay.

Pretty much all first-time students in the UK are entitled to a Tuition Fee Loan. This will cover the cost of tuition in full. Keep in mind that this is only the case for home-fee students. International students don’t have access to Student Finance in the UK.

As for your living costs, most UK students are eligible for a Maintenance Loan to help with those. It’s worth noting that the loan might not be enough to cover your living costs completely. You can find out about more funding options in our big guide to Student Finance.

Student Loans aren’t like ordinary loans. You’ll only repay 9% of your earnings over a threshold. If your salary drops below that figure, you automatically stop repaying.

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