How to buy Bitcoin in 7 steps

How to buy Bitcoin in 7 steps

What is Bitcoin?

To many people Bitcoin represents the future of paying for something, as a new digital global ‘cryptocurrency’. Rather than using a £1 coin or $1 bill, something could be 1 Bitcoin (1 BTC).

buy bitcoin tutorial

But Bitcoin is much more than a currency, and this is why people often get confused. It’s also the entire network (known as a Blockchain) that securely oversees the entire process of someone sending money to someone else.

How to buy Bitcoin tutorial

I’m going to walk you through the exact steps I took to buy Bitcoin. I bought some for the sole purpose of going through the motions.

There are plenty of other (potentially questionable) methods and websites you could use – which could be slightly cheaper – but this was all about minimising risk and complication for myself as a total newbie.

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You need just 5 things before buying Bitcoin:

  1. Bitcoin address – A string of numbers unique to you, that allows you to receive Bitcoin (acts like a bank account number). Also known as a ‘public key’.
  2. Bitcoin wallet – A secure place to store your Bitcoin (acts like a bank account).
  3. Bitcoin exchange – A website to convert old-school cash into Bitcoin (acts like a bureau de change).
  4. Payment method – A debit or credit card to buy Bitcoin.
  5. Form of identity – You’ll need your passport or driver’s license to hand.

7 steps to buying Bitcoin

After some lengthy research, I decided on using Coinbase as a ‘one-stop shop’. They set me up with an address, a BTC digital wallet, and the conversion of pounds to Bitcoin itself.

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  1. Create an account
  2. Verify your email
  3. Connect your phone
  4. Verify your identity
  5. Add a payment method
  6. Buy Bitcoin
  7. Check your Bitcoin digital wallet

Source/Credit: Save the Student

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