How to make money from eBooks

How to make money from eBooks

Earning money from your eBook is the easiest way by using your content writing skills. Follow these steps to earn as much money as you can selling eBooks:-

1. Choose a popular topic for your eBook

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Best ideas to write as an eBook

•  Your original novel, poems or short stories

•  Your old essays (check with your uni first!) or a study guide for your subject

•  A practical guide about something you know really well: how to live on your budget, how to make yourself punctual.

•  A children’s book (even better if you can illustrate it too), or graphic comics

2. Choose the best-value publishing platform for you

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After choosing your favorite topic for your eBook, next step is to publish your eBook on any publishing platform.

Best platforms to publish your eBook are:

  • Smashwords
  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Apple iBooks Author

3. Develop a marketing strategy for your eBook

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Social media is a best platform to develop marketing strategy for your eBook and sell your digital product like eBooks here.

Best Social Media Platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

4. Enter your eBook into writing competitions

After writing your masterpiece, the best platform is to compete with your competitors. It is another best way and an alternative to earn money as competitor.

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