Reforming Distribution of Resources

Reforming Distribution of Resources

Every Civil or Military government of Pakistan tries to make the federal capital more and more beautiful to show its work. But I’m very sorry to say that this work is now limited to a few sectors of Islamabad. On one side of Islamabad, there are very beautiful sectors like Blue Area, F-7, and F-6.

But on the other hand, in this beautiful capital, there is a colony in which the situation of people is very poor. They have no proper place to sleep or take rest. The situation of their mud houses is not worth just for taking a rest a few minutes They have no suitable streets or street lights. There is no proper system for drinking clean water. The situation of their children is so bad that they have no suitable dress or shoes.

But they have beautiful dreams in their minds about their future. But they are just little children, they do not know that in their country there is no place for a common and poor people. This Pakistan is only for these “MALIK RIAZs” and all the great businessmen, who are dominant in their rights and they hold the whole country in their fists. This colony is situated near ”GRAIN MARKET” on the opposite side of “METRO”.

Courtesy / Credit: Mudasir Rasool

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