Reshaping Pakistan

Reshaping Pakistan

On 14th August 1947, Pakistan was appeared as a new Islamic country on the map of the world. The main ideology behind the creation of Pakistan was to provide a separate place for the Muslims of Subcontinent, so that they could practice their religion independently. At that time, Pakistan had two parts, one was Southern Pakistan, while another was East Pakistan. After independence from British rule in the Subcontinent, Pakistan had one fourth population of the Subcontinent, one third British army, while only 17% of total economy.

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So, after early independence, Pakistan faced a shortage of money to run the country. Pakistan also faced problem to manage streams of migrants coming from India with empty pockets and dreams of their independent country, where all of their problems will be solved. At that time, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, leaded the country like a true leader and solved this issue wisely. Another main problem of Pakistan was its Eastern part, which one thousand miles away from western part and had no civilization similarity.

Even the language used by people of both parts were not same. People of East Pakistan wanted to declare Bengali as a national language, while people from the Western side demanded Urdu as the national language and Pakistani government declared Urdu as the national language, which was our biggest fault. Because due to this act, the people of East Pakistan started to hate west Pakistan. Politician and army dictators also gave superiority to West Pakistan of East Pakistan in every field of life and they even did not give share of development budget to them. That’s why, due to these acts of our politicians, the people of East Pakistan disappointed from West Pakistan.


In 1970’s election, Pakistan peoples party (PPP) leaded by Zulifqar Ali Bhutto won majority seats in West Pakistan and ‘Awami League’ under Sheikh Mujib-u-Rehman won all of the seats. But due to differences between Mujib and Bhutto on power sharing, people of East Pakistan started their civil disobedience campaign, but Pakistani army tried to undermine their struggle but all efforts went in vain. At that time, India, enemy of Pakistan, fueled that struggle through ‘Mukti Bahini movement’ and started a war with Pakistan. Because there was no ground link between west and east Pakistan and people of East Pakistan were against our army, so Pakistani army could not manage that war and Pakistan had to lose its eastern part of its hands. After the 1971 war, a new country appeared on the map of the world, which was Bangladesh.

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After loosing its left hand, Pakistan tried to manage as a single west Pakistan, which is now our beloved country. After 1971, Zulifqar Ali Bhutto made his government and restarted Pakistan as a new country, his ambitions were very good to unite all the Muslim countries on the same and he managed conference of all Muslim countries under the umbrella of ‘Islamic Countries Council’ (ICC) in 1974. He was very committed to making a forum of all Muslim countries, where all Muslim countries solved their problems through negotiations. He also wanted to make Muslim country bank, in order to help poor Muslim countries. In all these efforts, ‘King Shah Faisal’ of Saudi Arabia,was with him.

But in 1977’s elections, when PPP claimed for victory, but all opposition parties rejected its victory and blamed PPP for rigging in general elections and called for protests. Due to these protests, the security situation in the country reached up to horrifying limits. Pakistan army took advantage of that unrest in the country, ousted government of Bhutto and came into power.

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After ousting the Bhutto’s government, Pakistan army laid down the country under military rule and General Zia-UL-Haq started ruling the country. During his rule, the country took very serious steps in terms of security and foreign affairs. When Soviet Union attacked in Afghanistan in search of readily available hot waters and its next target probably was Pakistan. So, at that time, when the United States with his allies like Saudi Arabia started the cold war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, it stressed on Pakistan to help America and its allies, because Pakistan had a border with Afghanistan and without help of Pakistan, Americans could not do anything.

Pakistan due to pressure from Saudi Arabia, got ready to counter the Soviet Union and help the United States to enter Afghanistan. At that time, Pakistan had to manage more than three million refugees from Afghanistan. So, during cold war, Pakistan’s ground was used to facilitate fighters and also provided Americans to supply their armaments and other stuff to their soldiers through Arabian sea. At that time, Pakistan made biggest mistake in the history to get help from non-state actors and with the help of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan started to recruit people for Afghan Jihad.

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But after defeating the Soviet Union in the cold war and its withdrawal from Afghanistan, Pakistan could not manage those ‘Mujahidin’ and instead of using them in a positive way, Pakistani establishment started using them in Kashmir war. Due to this many non-state organizations emerged in the country without permission from the government and started to establish their individual agendas in the name of Kashmir Jihad. At that time, Pakistani establishment and civil institutions ignored them.

After September 11, 2001, when the United States under its NATO members attacked Afghanistan in search of Al Qaeda’s leader ‘Osama Bin Ladin’, who, according to them, was alleged of the  twin towers attack and Taliban’s government in Afghanistan was hiding him. So, America and its allies ousted Taliban’s government and declared them terrorists and asked Pakistan to help them. Then, Pervaiz Musharraf, who was army chief and president of Pakistan, declared his cooperation with the United States in so called war on terror and assured his help on every front. At that time, Pakistan again did not play the right cards in this war on terror situation and took a wrong step.

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Pervaiz Musharraf, who was president and military commander of Pakistan, helped America on every front, keeping aside national interests. He even provided their air bases to Americans like ‘Shamsi Air base’, which was used under American’s control to fulfill their aims. Musharraf, in the interest of America, crushed all peace loving Mujahidin and declared them as terrorists. So, who were our friends and defended Pakistan on each front, became our enemies and started their terrorist activities, in order to crush Pakistan’s national interests. After Musharraf era, the PPP government under Asif Ali Zardari, could not manage this fight against terrorism.

On December 16, 2014, when terrorists attacked our Army Public School Pishawar and killed more than 150 innocent students. After it, Pakistani military and civilian leadership sat together, in order to defeat this terrorism. After many meetings between military and civilian authorities, our government reached by consensus to make a ‘National Action Plan’ (NAP), in order to tackle this cancerous problem. So, Pakistani military and civilian government with full support from people, started a stream of  operations across the country, launched military courts to tackle high profile cases involved in terrorist activities, banned many terrorist organizations and arrested their leaders. So, after one year of struggle against war on terror, now security situation of Pakistan was much better than one year before at that time.

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But Pakistan needed a lot to do in  order to whitewash these terrorism from the society. Because, we can’t defeat these terrorists and this cancerous terrorism just through military operation, we should also have to crack down their sympathizers and their financiers. Because, there is a direct relation between terrorism and corruption. We should have to do followings, in order to direct our eyes in the right direction and move our country in the right way

  • Pakistan should not involve itself in any sectarian conflict. Like in the past, Pakistan always tilted its side towards Sunni majority Muslim country, Saudi Arabia, against Iran, which is a Shia majority Muslim country. Due to these rifts between two big Muslim countries and then Pakistan’s soft stand towards Saudi Arabia, created sectarian conflicts in Pakistan. Because Pakistan had second major population of Shia Muslims after Iran and after Pakistan’s support to Saudi Arabia against Iran created disappointment in the Shia community of Pakistan. Due to which, they started their protests against Pakistan’s policies.
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  • Pakistan should stop helping non-state actors, like Taliban etc. Because this act of Pakistan demoralized Pakistan and its name in international communities.
  • Pakistan should have to move forward with an open heart towards Afghanistan, in order to tackle terrorism and save the future of their next generations. At this point, Afghan’s government and especially intelligence agency, ‘National Directorate of Security’ (NDS), should have to welcome Pakistan’s efforts of reconciliation and forget past differences.
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  • Pakistan also should have to take an interest in its internal affairs on priority level. Pakistan first should have to set its house in the right direction. Because at this time, economic conditions of Pakistan are very bad and is running on foreign aid. So, first Pakistan should have to make its  economy better and non-dependent of foreign aid.

If we make our security and economy good and remove all faults, then the future is ours and we will rule on world Insha Allah. May Allah helps us in achieving our aims. (Amin).

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