Sultry Facts About Dakota Johnson

Sultry Facts About Dakota Johnson

“The secret is, I have no shame.”—Dakota Johnson.

A child of famous parents in Hollywood never has real anonymity, but actress Dakota Johnson definitely doesn’t have any privacy left now that her steamy scenes on screen have made her an internationally recognized name. Born Dakota Mayi Johnson, the former model has taken Hollywood by storm as Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades trilogy, based on the bestselling books by author E.L. James. And with several new projects and her own production company in the works, don’t expect Johnson’s name to fade from the big screen anytime soon. But who is this new starlet everyone’s talking about? Here are 26 facts to help clear up the mystery.

Hollywood Royalty

Johnson comes from a reputable lineage of stars on the big screen. Her parents are Melanie Griffith (Working Girl) and Don Johnson (Miami Vice), who have both had long, successful careers. Johnson actually made her movie debut with her mom in Crazy in Alabama. But on top of that, her maternal grandmother is none other than Tippi Hedren, one of Alfred Hitchcock’s muses, who starred in two of his standout films—The Birds and Marnie.

Dakota Johnson Facts

Stalker Alert

Johnson is different from most celebrities out there in that she chooses not to over-indulge in social media. She admits that she saw herself becoming, in her words, a “psycho stalker” on Facebook and made the decision to delete her account. In an interview, Johnson added how vulnerable sharing her life on social media made her feel, and that choosing to stop using it so much gave her a sort of privacy.

Dakota Johnson

Behind the Camera

Not satisfied with just acting, Johnson started her own production company, Silhouette Productions, and intends to bring the kinds of projects that she believes don’t currently exist to the screen.

Dakota Johnson Facts

Movie Night

Johnson was drawn to movies from a very early age. She had a list of films she would watch over and over again, including Mary Poppins and Beetlejuice. As she got older, she got really into Bernardo Bertolucci and John Cassavetes.

Dakota Johnson Facts

Full House

Johnson has six siblings. She has two on her mom’s side—Stella Banderas and Alexander Bauer—and four on her dad’s, the Johnsons: Jesse, Deacon, Jasper, and Grace. Johnson is close with Stella and Grace, and we can only imagine how much more it adds to her hectic schedule to keep up with her big family.

Dakota Johnson Facts

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