Top Ten Interesting Facts about Kristen Stewart will Fall You in her Love!

Top Ten Interesting Facts about Kristen Stewart will Fall You in her Love!

Kristen Stewart is a talented, well-known American actress born on April 9, 1990, in Los Angeles, California. With both of her parents working in the competitive film and television industries, it seemed only natural that Kristen Stewart would follow in their footsteps to pursue an acting career. Her natural acting talent was discovered at the ripe young age of eight while starring in an elementary school play. She officially began her acting career the following year, in 1999. To get her acting career rolling, Kristen Stewart took small, uncredited roles that then led to very small credited roles, eventually leading to the extremely successful career she now has.

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While Kristen Stewart has had several roles in many different movies, she is now and probably always will be best known for her role in the popular fan fiction series, the Twilight saga based on the series of books written by Stephanie Meyer. She plays the part of the main character, Isabella “Bella” Swan in the teen fictional book series turned movie series. Since the debut of the Twilight series movies, Kristen Stewart’s career has taken off and she has starred in more movies with larger parts than in her past. Some of these were even in between Twilight saga filming. While she tries desperately to keep her private life private, she has made headlines with her relationship status over the years, from her days of dating co-star Robert Pattison to her latest controversial relationship.

1. As famous as she is, Kristen Stewart still gets nervous before having to speak in public. When she was awarded the prestigious French Cesar award, she was so nervous her hands cramped up. It was so bad that the person presenting the award to her had to hold the award for her.  It is this quality that makes Stewart a fan favorite.   Fans can relate to her and Stewart never comes off as Hollywood elite.  She’s just a regular girl like anyone else.

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2. Kristen Stewart loves to bake. Although her busy schedule at times can make it difficult to find the time, she loves to bake apple pies. Her best friend, Nikki Reed, backs her up on this saying Kristen Stewart bakes the best apple pies. She has stated they are the perfect match because Kristen Stewart likes to bake apple pies and she likes to eat them. Though she doesn’t look like she eats much with her super slender figure, Kristen Stewart also likes to eat apple pie.

3. Kristen Stewart wants to be an actress, but she doesn’t want all the attention that comes with being a famous actor. She keeps as much of her life private as she can.  It was only recently that Stewart began opening up about her private life which includes her sexuality.  It’s been a hot topic as of late and Stewart has put rumors to bed since announcing her relationship with another female.

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4. Due to her acting career (she started filming the Twilight series) when she was seventeen and had other roles even before that, Kristen Stewart was not able to graduate until she was nineteen years old. She attended a regular school until the eighth grade, then she was homeschooled for grades nine through twelve because of her busy schedule. Acting is not her only passion, though. She has seriously considered going back to school and pursuing her literature studies in college. Kristen Stewart wants to one day become a writer.

5. Kristen Stewart grew up with a family that was already in show business. Both of her parents work behind the scenes. Her father is a well-known television producer. He works for Fox-TV where he co-produces On-Air with Ryan Seacrest and he has done work on the Lopez Tonight Show. Her mother is an Australian script producer. Kristen Stewart actually thought she wanted to grow up to be a screenwriter. She never imagined she could become an actress.

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6. Kristen Stewart has a wardrobe full of clothes and enough money to buy any clothes she wants. However, her favorite piece of clothing is a Balenciaga quilted biker jacket. She loves it so much, she actually has three of them, in different colors, of course. She has a black, a red, and a yellow. The price for each jacket was 1,625 Euros.

7. Kristen Stewart is a bit of a tomboy. The tabloids often report that she has a boyish style when it comes to her clothing. But, as a die-hard Kristen Stewart fan, you already knew that. Did you know what most likely led to her tomboyishness? She is the only girl in a family of boys. She has two brothers and no sisters. She has an older brother and an adopted brother that is the same age as her.

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8. Kristen Stewart may have won the prestigious Cesar Award, but for three years in a row, she did not win the award she was up for nomination for. From 2003 to 2005, Kristen Stewart was nominated each year for the Young Artist Award but never won the award.  Though Stewart doesn’t really hold awards in the highest regard, persistence certainly pays off, and the accolades she’s received are well deserved.

9. Recently, in the last few days, Kristen Stewart has really opened up about her battle with anxiety. Anxiety is a mental health condition that many people deal with today. It is refreshing to know that someone as famous and successful as Kristen Stewart battles with this problem as well. She has said that she is a bit of a control freak, which leads to panic attacks and feeling debilitated when things are out of her control. It is very difficult for her to handle stress appropriately.

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10. Kristen Stewart has recently come out of the closet. There have been rumors circling for a while now but recently, last Wednesday to be exact, she came out of the closet and announced she was dating Alicia Cargile. Actually, dating is not the right word. They are really in love and plan on getting married. Although Kristen Stewart tries to keep her private life private, there have always been rumors about her relationship status.

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