Two States Proposal for Israel and Palestine

Two States Proposal for Israel and Palestine

Two States Proposal for Israel and Palestine

The international community’s attention in the Middle East is inevitably focused on the ‘Islamic State’s military advancement in Iraq and Syria and Iran Nuclear deal. Meanwhile, International powers forgot decade’s long conflict between Israel and Palestine.

A report by NGO ‘Defense for Children International Palestine’ was submitted to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’ on Palestine-Israel conflicts in 2014 and their consequences for abusing children’s rights. It also questions United Nations and International powers why they are not taking it seriously.

According to that report submitted by ‘Defense for Children International Palestine’ around about561 children died last year in the conflict between Hamas and Israel and 567 were Palestinian from the toll. That report also tells that more than 3000 children were injured because of conflict between two elephantiasis and more than half of the children became disabled permanently.

That report also highlights a crucial point which is the destruction of a school in the war-torn state of Palestine due to this conflict many youths of Palestine face the problem of mental disorders and other health problems. According to Ban, the number of schools damaged in Palestine is larger than in Syria or Iraq and the number of children who died in Palestine is the highest record anywhere in the world.

UN’s special representative for children’s protection and Armed Conflict ‘Leila Zerrougui’ tried to put both Israel and its adversary Hamas on the United Nations annual list of states and groups that are gravely involved in violating children’s rights. But the United States stressed banning to put-off the name of Israel from that list, then Ban put off both Israel and Hamas from that list. But it is not surprising for Human Rights Activists, because Israel is a right-hand ally of Congress in the US and America is always protecting Israel from international anger on its inhuman activities against Palestine.

Recently a group consisting of European Union former Prime Ministers, foreign ministers, and reputed Diplomats sent a proposal to the European Union’s present govt. to work for a two-state policy between Palestine and Israel. Due to this European Union presented a proposal consisting of two points; the first is to start new negotiations between Israel and Palestine and end with a two-state policy, and the second is to accept Palestine as an independent state and access to international treaties and organizations.

Due to this two-state proposal by European Union Israel’s Prime Minister, ‘Benjamin Netanyahu’ showed anger and his ministers started criticizing European Union. Another good stance came from European Union is to correct the labeling of products coming from Israel according to trade agreements between Israel and the EU. But now due to Israel’s new resettlement in the West Bank of Gaza which is not accepted internationally and is called against international laws. So, the EU is not accepting products that are manufactured in West Bank areas by Israel.

On this two-state proposal by European Union, Israel’s Prime Minister was concerned about two issues; first, he accuses European Union that it supports anti-Semitism in his country and inciting people against the central govt. But one question from Benjamin is whether it is anti-Semitism to condemn the killing of thousands of children and damaging schools. The second which Benjamin repeated during his successful campaign for prime minister of Israel is that he finds no one to talk to on the issue of two states’ conflict ignoring Hamas orAl-fateh. But it is history that any power players in a region ignoring someone just considering them as terrorists end up on table talk with them.

Like after 9/11 United States and its allies attacked Afghanistan in search of terrorists ignoring the present Taliban in Afghanistan, but all its efforts went in vain and it convert that country into a war-torn state and hub of international terrorists. But now the United States and its allies understand that without the Taliban they never end with a solution and now they are appealing to the Taliban to come to the table to talk with them. Likewise, Benjamin should have to end his war on table talk with Hamas or Al-fateh. Without it can’t find a solution for its state and Palestine. Benjamin should have to think one thing either he wants to make its state a democratic non-Jewish or Jewish non-democratic.

At last international powers especially United Nations should have taken steps to find a solution for the war-torn state of Palestine. Otherwise, our children will never forgive us for our own ego and self-agendas. It is also the responsibility of Muslim countries to put aside their personal agendas at least on this issue and sit at the table of negotiation to decide the future of the Palestinian people. May Allah give unity to Muslim countries and courage to the people of Palestine to fight for their rights. (Amin).

Courtesy / Credit: Mudasir Rasool

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