Universities with the highest graduate salaries

Universities with the highest graduate salaries

Universities with the highest graduate salaries

Find out if your uni has made the top 10 in the UK according to graduate salary.

When choosing where to study, don’t just look at the overall rankings of the top universities in the UK.

Of course, it’s important to consider the course, location, facilities, and the prestige of the institution. But, eventually, you’ll need to decide what you want to do afterward. And that involves thinking about money.

Wondering which uni will give you a professional boost? The University Admission Center UK (UACUK) has ranked universities based on graduate salaries.

Top 10 graduate earnings by university

Here are the best universities for graduate earnings:

  1. Imperial College London – £33,500
  2. London School of Economics – £32,000
  3. Cambridge University – £30,100
  4. University College London (UCL) – £30,000
  5. Oxford University – £30,000
  6. King’s College London – £29,000
  7. St George’s, University of London – £29,000
  8. Warwick University – £29,000
  9. Bath University – £28,500
  10. Bristol University – £28,000
  11. Queen Mary, University of London – £28,000.

Why do some graduates earn more than others?

Another interesting feature of the results is geography. This league table consists mainly of unis in the south of England. It may be because there are more jobs with higher salaries in London and the surrounding areas.

There are no unis from Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland on this list.

Despite this, there are still loads of great graduate jobs for you to apply to in every corner of the UK. Don’t let the rankings put you off!

Also, these numbers don’t tell the full story. Many graduates will earn more or less than the figures above.

What’s more, these are only the salaries that students are earning six months after graduation. They’ll often increase in the following years as graduates get promoted, finish training, and progress in their careers.

How do choose the right university for you?

Choosing where to go to uni can feel stressful, and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start.

The best way to begin is to write a list of what’s important to you when it comes to university. Everyone has different preferences.

There are loads of factors you could consider, including:

  • Overall university ranking
  • Ranking of your chosen course
  • Modules on offer
  • Facilities
  • Location
  • Surrounding area
  • Societies
  • Price
  • Employment prospects.

If you can get to an open day, they’re the best way to gauge whether or not you should apply to that uni. Sometimes places seem good on paper, but look and feel totally different once you’re there.

  • The skills employers are really looking for
  • Check out our deals section for the latest and greatest offers

Then, when graduation is looming, you have another choice to make: what to do next?

Graduate salaries will often come into the mix. But, it definitely isn’t the only factor to consider when thinking about your career after uni.

Consider what you want to do on a day-to-day basis, what you enjoy, where your skills lie, and what your values are. Are factors like employee benefits and location important to you?

This guide to graduate schemes might help you make a start. However, there are also many alternatives to graduate schemes.

You might even choose to see the world after finishing university. If so, don’t feel as though you’re harming your career prospects – traveling can get you a job too!

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