Where to look for part-time jobs

Where to look for part-time jobs

Where to look for part-time jobs

Here are the best places to find a part-time job for students:

1. Part-time job search tools

Knowing exactly where to look online is essential to getting a good part-time job. The best place to look can often be directly on company websites where they’ll advertise their job vacancies. We may be biased, but we reckon our part-time job search engine is the best one out there for students looking for work at university. It’s constantly updated, so keep an eye out for new postings. Also, sign up for job websites. Sites like CV-Library, for example, will notify you when part-time positions pop up in your area.

2. Social media

We touched on this earlier, but social media is perfect for job hunting. As well as looking directly on companies’ websites to find vacancies, have a look at their social media pages as well. They will likely share their job opportunities on sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – if this is the case, you can like or respond to the post (as long as you’ve already made sure your social media looks professional). It’s also worth checking any Facebook groups for students in your university city . Check out our extensive guides on how to use Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms to find a job.

3. University jobs fairs

Many universities will organize job fairs throughout the year, giving you the chance to meet employers directly. These are amazing opportunities, so check when your uni will be hosting a career fair and be sure to pop along. To get the most out of a uni job fair, find out which companies will be attending. Research them beforehand and arrive armed with notes and questions. After talking to recruiters at fairs, ask for their card and follow up with an email afterward. In the email, it’s a good idea to remind them who you are, thank them for chatting with you and ask them to stay in touch about part-time jobs, when they become available. Plus, as well as going to job fairs, find out if your university has a JobShop service. Through this, you might be able to find a part-time job in their shops, bars, and on open days.

4. Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are a lot like matchmaking services, but instead of helping you find love, they find you a job. They usually have a database of positions waiting to be filled so it makes sense to get involved. Before signing up, check out our full guide to getting the most out of recruitment agencies.

5. Use Your Own Network

If you’re lucky enough to have friends or family working at a company you’re interested in, they might be able to give you a heads up when a new job opens up – and hopefully put in a good word for you. If all else fails, just ask the old-fashioned way. When it comes to finding part-time jobs, walking into a place with your CV and asking if there are any jobs going can often be very effective. And don’t be afraid to ask for a job in a store, cafe, or pub without a “help wanted” sign on their window – you’ll never know what’s available until you ask! It might seem a bit daunting at first, but once you’ve got past the first couple, it will get so much easier.

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