Women Empowerment

 Women Empowerment

Pakistan has a population of about 220 Million with 52% women, but no importance of these women in policy-making tasks. In our society women are considered to remain busy with household tasks like caring for children, husbands, cooking, etc. But they have no authority to involve in decision-making tasks like taking decisions about education, health, or marriage of their children.

So, the work ratio of women in society is 53% as compared to males which are about 60%. It also affects not only household life but also affects the economy of a country. Because when more than half of the population is not involved in policy-making, then how can one country get success .Due to these women enrollment in Education, health or other task is less than male. According to UNESCO women Net Enrollment Index (NRI) is about 22% , which is 68% for male. So, women enrollment in primary education is far less than male. Due to this women can’t develop courage inside themselves to change their lives.

Due to this inequality among women Pakistan according to Human Development Index (HRI)  is at 123 from 144 countries in all over the world with Gender Inequality index (GRI)  about 0.567. In Pakistan, women having no decision making authority creates disappointment among them , so they further loose their courage to get success in their life.Pakistan  needs to take steps to decrease this disappointment among the women , so that they think themselves as  equal member of society .For these steps , Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is very good initiative , which gives benefits to about 5.5 Million families.

This BISP creates courage among the women and gives them financial empowerment. Due to this women can take financial decisions independently . Because they have freedom to use their money  independently according to their will.During Musharif Marshal Law, Punjab govt. takes initiative to give scholarship to those girls, whose enroll themselves in School. Which was very good initiative, due to this many poor families enrolls their girls to school for scholarship. But this was only for primary education, govt. should have to extend it for further studies especially for higher education.

At this age we hardly need of women education in all fields of education, if we have to compete with rest of the world.Because in developed countries women are free to take part in every aspect of life with man. But as Muslims we have limitations on some occasions, so we should have to take care our Islamic values while taking any decision. In our strict environment,  educated women also can’t compete strictness from home regarding their independence and decision making tasks. So, they have to bow their feelings before their head of family. Although it is a good thing that in a family their should be a man who can put his eye on family. But he should not involve himself in  personal affairs of family.

Although , govt. takes few steps to empower women in society. But they are too few initiatives that they can’t change livings of women. Though BISP is a very good initiative to make women financially independent from her husband or father. But it has very flaws, due to which it can’t give real benefits to every needy women. So, govt. should take  initiative to empower women in society. First, govt. should make necessary for every girl to enroll in school . For this govt. should start door to door campaign to encourage parents to enroll their girls in school.

Govt. should also start scholarship programs for those girls who go to school. So, that those parents who can’t send their girls school due to their poor financial situation also send their children to school. Govt. should also take initiative to start  special scholarship schemes for those needy girls who want to get higher education.

Govt. should also have to start training programs to  train women in different funs like sewing clothes etc. So that women can become financially independent and can also help their family members in financing house hold tasks. Govt. should also have to extend programs like BISP to make women financially strong. Govt. should also make these programs clear from corruption.So,govt. should have to take favorable activities to make women an important part of society and increase their value in society and house.

Courtesy / Credit: Mudasir Rasool

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