As yogis, we are always striving to evolve and improve our bodies, hearts, and minds. As humans, we often get discouraged or find ourselves stuck in a rut. Even if we cannot see a way towards change, there are always opportunities to create new paths toward our goals, desires, and dreams. 

If you find yourself yearning for a big change, a fresh start, or a new direction you can find support, inspiration, and encouragement through reading quotes on the yogic approach to change and transformation. We’ve collected 38 powerful yoga quotes to inspire success in starting a new year, exploring a new practice, attempting a new yoga pose, setting new vows, or choosing a new direction of study.

  • Adhere to: faith, unity, and sacrifice. Avoid back-biting, falsehood, and crookedness. Admire frankness, honesty, and large-heartedness. Control: tongue, temper, and tossing of the mind. Cultivate cosmic love, forgiveness, and patience. Hate: lust, anger, and pride. SWAMI SIVANANDA
  • Anyone who practices can obtain success in yoga but not one who is lazy. Constant practice alone is the secret to success. SVATMARAMA
  • As all the towering trees do not bear fruits until their due season, one’s tireless efforts won’t be successful until the time of fortune arrives. SAINT AVVAIYAR
  • Be the change you wish to see in the world. GANDHI
  • Change is not only inevitable but always happening. When you truly embrace this concept of change being constant, the only thing left to do is grow, detach, venture inwards, touch the spirit and find your source — the one responsible for keeping you grounded through the ever-changing seasons of life. JULIE WEILAND
  • Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are. Let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe it. C. ASSAAD
  • Do everything with a mind that let’s go. Don’t accept praise or gain or anything else. If you let go a little you will have a little peace; if you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace; if you let go completely you will have complete peace. AJAHN CHAN
  • Everyone has in him something divine, something his own, a chance of perfection and strength in however small a sphere which God offers him to take or refuse. The task is to find it, develop it & use it. The chief aim of education should be to help the growing soul to draw out that in itself which is best and make it perfect for a noble use. SRI AUROBINDO
  • First, have a definite, clear practical ideal; a goal, an objective. Second, have the necessary means to achieve your ends; wisdom, money, materials, and methods. Third, adjust all your means to that end. ARISTOTLE
  • For many years I mistook discipline for ambition. Now I believe it to be more about consistency. Do get on the mat. Practice and life are not that different. JUDITH HANSON LASATER
  • However many holy words you speak, however many you read, what good will they do you if you do not act on them? THE DHAMMAPADA
  • If you choose to see everything as a miracle, then where you are right now is perfect. There is nowhere to run to; there is nothing else to do except being in this moment and allow what is to be. From that place of radical acceptance, major change can happen. The first step in any transformational experience is acceptance and surrender to the present moment, the way that it is. From that place, we have the awareness, humility, and power to change what is. 
  • Yoga does not transform the way we see things; it transforms the person who sees. B.K.S. IYENGAR
  • Yoga is about clearing away whatever is in us that prevents our living in the most full and whole way. With yoga, we become aware of how and where we are restricted — in body, mind, and heart — and how gradually to open and release these blockages. As these blockages are cleared, our energy is freed. We start to feel more harmonious, more at one with ourselves. Our lives begin to flow — or we begin to flow more in our lives. CYBELE TOMLINSON
  • Yoga is a dance between control and surrender — between pushing and letting go — and when to push and when to let go becomes part of the creative process, part of the open-ended exploration of your being. JOEL KRAMER
  • You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C.S. LEWIS
  • You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you. ECKHART TOLLE


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